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Life gets so crazy! And in the middle of all that busyness it’s hard to feel inspired to create. And yet, without all that crazy busyness what memories would you have to document? You want to do more than rush through life. You want to savor it. You want to feel inspired!

Take a deeper look at your life and let it inspire your creativity!

I’m Monica Bradford and I have been scrapbooking for a long time. For years I felt like I was just going through the motions, documenting the big events of our life. My creative self wanted something more. I longed for inspiration. So, I went looking for inspiration outside myself. What I didn’t realize was that I was living the inspiration all along! Your life is all the inspiration you need.

There is so much about life that is inspiring, if you know where to look!

In this SELF PACED online class you will receive:

MLI Layout Sneaks

  • Nearly two weeks of daily inspirational emails
  • 5 actionable prompts to get you inspired
  • 5 original layouts and process videos showing you creative ways to document your inspiration
  • A bonus instagram project idea for documenting your inspiring life!

Nearly two weeks of daily inspiration, actionable prompts to get you inspired, and process videos all for $19!

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Thinking your life is too busy?

There’s no time like now to become inspired by your life! But hey, we are all busy people! So I’ve designed this class to give you a day for the inspirational prompt, and a day to create. Once you purchase the content is yours forever! So you can sign up now, and create at a later date!

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What you’ll get:

  • Nearly two weeks of daily emails
  • 5 inspirational prompts
  • 5 original layouts
  • 5 process videos
  • plus a bonus Instagram project

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When you take a deeper look at your life and let it inspire your creativity, what you create will begin to inspire a deeper level of gratitude about your life. Then you will truly understand that, “Your Life…is Inspired!”


What others are saying about Your Life…Inspired:

“I enjoyed this class a lot! I liked the pace of the class. I thought the idea of taking pictures or spending time in the place and just thinking about your life for a day was nice, because then the idea for the layout was fully formed for the next day. Your layouts were adorable! I really like, and can relate to, your style!”

“I enjoyed your class very much. You have such a soothing voice and I always relaxed listening to your videos and for me that’s inspiring.”

“I have really enjoyed your lovely class. I haven’t scrapped anything yet, but have loads of ideas.”

“Your Life Inspired was a great glass. I created pages I’m proud of, I am looking at my daily life and the world around me differently – I really do feel inspired!!!”

“I enjoyed the class very much. It was a great way to get warmed up for LOAD too. I would definitely recommend the class to friends. I also like the style of your pages, which helps me to design my own pages.”

“I LOVED the class. Right price, right content. Perfect topics, perfect examples. As always- loved the videos. Can never have too many videos…. I will be finishing my layouts as time (and life) allows. I am so glad I took this and will definitely be looking forward to more of your workshops in the future.”

“I am currently taking My Life Inspired class from Monica and I am getting so much out of it. I love the way she delivers her insightful and thought provoking material.”

“I really enjoyed your class. It was an incredible source of inspiration for me.  Even though I wasn’t able to complete a layout for every prompt during the class the ideas are continuing to resonate with me.  I just added a new layout to the Flickr group today. It features a photo I took as I recognized a bit of beauty in my everyday. I know I would never have thought to take a photo of this before.  I would, and will, recommend this class to friends, family and other scrapbookers I meet. I have taken two of your classes before this one and let me say, I’m a fan!”