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Not Because I Have To…

You may have noticed that over the past few months blogging here at Scrap Inspired has been spotty at best. You may have wondered where I am, what’s going on and if everything is ok. I would wonder the same thing in your shoes For awhile there I was good. I was awesome in fact. […]

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What the School Scrapbook Committee Has Taught Me About My Process

Our local elementary school is truly amazing, with more parent involvement than I’ve ever seen. Which means that we have PTA committees galore. When I found out that there was a scrapbook committee I thought it would be a perfect place for me! But I have discovered that while I love to scrapbook, I don’t […]

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Inspiring Minds Want to Know: How Do You Find Time to Scrapbook?

Recently I got an email with these questions from Camille: Do you set aside specific days to scrapbook or do you scrap a little each day? Do you feel like there are some days where you are never going to catch up with your scrapbooking projects? I’ve talked about this a little bit before when […]

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