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Fix Your Whites {Photoshop Elements Tutorial}

As I work on December Daily I have found myself often photographing my layouts in the evening. Which means under lightbulbs…and nasty yellow light. There is a simple way in Photoshop Elements to fix that yellow light, not perfectly but definitely better. Open your photo in PSE  Adjust the levels (see step by step instructions here)  Adjustment […]

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Text on Photos {Photoshop Elements Tutorial}

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a Photoshop Elements Tutorial with you. So today I’m back with a simple but extremely useful one…placing text on photos. Open the photo you want to add text to. Make any levels adjustments needed. Select the text tool. Select your font. Select your font size. If you just click […]

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Using Levels {Photoshop Elements Tutorial}

One of the things I do the most in Photoshop Elements is adjust the levels on a picture. So I’m here today to show you how! I store my photos in iPhoto. When I decide which one I want to edit I begin by creating a duplicate. (right click…duplicate) Then I click on the second […]

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