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Welcome! My name is Monica and I’m so glad you stopped by my home here in blog land. Scrap Inspired is dedicated to finding and using inspiration! I’m inspired by so much in my life.  Colors, nature, people, experiences, and crafty ideas shared by others…I just can’t help passing all of that inspiration on to you! I love finding ways to be creative in my life. And yet I don’t have an unending well of amazingly original ideas. In middle school art class I was always the one who was better at still life than original art. Say I’m not alone! I used to feel like my work was “copied.”

But I am here to tell you that there is no shame in lifting inspiration from others! In fact, I believe that the more we share the more inspired we become! 

So lift away…from me…your neighbor…magazine ads…the tree in your front yard (Just don’t literally lift the tree!  That could hurt!). Use whatever gets those creative wheels turning! Stick around awhile and check out all the inspiration we’ve got going on here! There’s lots of scrappy stuff. A Photoshop Elements tutorial here and there. Some talk about photos, and so much more!

I hope that I will inspire you to live, document, and craft an inspired life!

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Monica is a stay at home mom, of two wonderful boys, living in the midwest. She spent 12 years as an elementary school teacher, teaching kindergarten and first grade, prior to staying home. She now spends her free time working on photography, crafting, and playing outside with her family.

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