December Daily 2017 Day 8-13

I’m back with an update of my December Daily album. I’ve been keeping up with things because of my phone and a couple of apps. Project Life App, PicTapGo, and PhotoshopMix have been my go to apps to edit my photos and create my pages.

Day 8:

On Day 8 my oldest was still under the weather so we spent the evening at home. At one point I noticed we were all on different screens. I decided to document this real life, weekend moment. Because it was evening the photos were terrible. So I turned them black and white.

Here’s how the page looked straight out of the app.

And here’s what it looked like after embellishment. I added some washi tape for color and put the 8 on the main photo. Then I added a small snowman sticker. I gave him some gold bling to match the 8. Simple and fun!

Day 9:

On Day 9 I was still home with my sick older kid, so my husband got to go to soccer. I grabbed a shot of my son before he left for his game. Then I BEGGED my mom and husband to send me some shots from the game itself. They did and I included those. It was extra fun that cousins were here this weekend. I loved including them in the album.

Here’s the layout straight out of the app.

And here it is embellished. I only added the 9. I felt like the Project Life soccer cards already gave it enough of an embellished feel.

Day 10:

This time I got to be the one to go out and my husband stayed home with the sick one. Mainly because I had to sing at church. But I enjoyed documenting a family day at church with our Christmas breakfast to start. It was a great morning!

Here’s the page straight out of the app.

I added a bit of a washi tape banner, and a couple chipboard stars with an enamel dot. A fun little cluster to tie in the red and black from the Peace Love Joy card.

Day 11:

My oldest was finally feeling a bit better (he ended up having strep, but it took two tests to diagnose that). I’d been waiting to do Christmas cards until he was well because he really wanted to help.

Here’s the page straight from the app.

And here’s the embellished version. One of our life right now cards is in this spread, but I like how it works with the colors of the layout.

All I added was a sticker and some of the stamp edges to the 11. I like using parts of the stamps to embellish a Christmas card layout. It just seems fitting. 🙂

Day 12:

On Day 12 I had a Vendor Event at my husband’s work. He came and joined me for lunch and helped me sell to potential Thirty-One customers. 🙂 It was fun spending time together in the middle of the day.

Here’s the layout straight out of the app.

I didn’t love the large poster in the background of my main photo. So I used some snowflake stickers to cover it up. I repeated the snowflake theme to embellish the number 12 as well.

Day 13:

I always like to include a picture of the letters to Santa. My youngest still fully believes so it’s fun to keep the tradition alive. In our house Santa doesn’t give the most wanted gift, those come from Mommy and Daddy. But Santa still gives fun things. We have used this form letter for years “I want, I need, I’ll wear, I’ll read, and I’d really like you to bring me…” It’s fun seeing what they write, but only if it’s things they’ve mentioned before! Some years, Santa gets a little tripped up because they write gifts that are out of left field. 😉

Here’s the spread straight out of the app.

The only thing I added to this was a Santa sticker and the gold 13. Simple and done. Love that!

The next few days will be a bit like the musical chairs of December Daily. There are 3 events happening on Sunday that will all be documented. So those will be sprinkled throughout the other days. Like one will go on Friday, one will go on Monday, etc. Down the road no one will know those events happened on different days. So it doesn’t bother me one bit!

Check out all of my December Daily posts for more ideas and inspiration!

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