December Daily 2017: Day 14-20

I mentioned in my last post that these next days would be a bit of a musical chairs of December Daily. I prefer to tell one story a day. But some days, more than one thing happens. And other days, not much at all happens. So I have no trouble mixing around stories to make the album work. See if you can follow along, the mixing and matching that is going on in Day 14-20! 🙂

Day 14:

On Thursday the 14th not much happened. But I knew the weekend had several things going on. So I saved space to tell this story from the 15th on the 14th. My son and his choir went to sing at Union Station. It was so much fun to hear them sing in such an iconic space.

Here’s the spread straight out of the app:

And here is what it ended up looking like. I had intended to move the 14 down some into the dead space at the top of the choir photo. But when I went to stick it I forgot my plan and just put it right on the Christmas tree. Oh well. No big deal!

Day 15:

We actually went to see Star Wars on Sunday the 17th. But as you’ll see in a bit, another story happened that day that made more sense to put on a Sunday. And since the movie actually opened on Friday, I figured I could put the story that day. No one will know or care in years to come!

Here’s the spread straight out of the app. I took a screen shot of our ticket because I wanted to remember how we see movies nowadays. I also found the movie poster and light saber images online to include.

Not much embellishing on this one. Just added the 15 and called it good!

Day 16:

This one actually happened on the 16th! 🙂 The girls in my family went to see the Nutcracker. It was lovely! Once again I found images online (of our ballet company) that I used in the album. The dancers may not be exactly the same cast we saw, but the set and costumes are the same. That’s good enough for me!

For embellishment I added just a bit of fun ribbon with my 16. I love how it turned out!

Day 17:

Here’s another day that actually happened on the date it holds in the album. My younger son had a main role in the church Christmas play. He got his costume off before I could get a shot of him, so this December Daily photo taking Mama made him put it back on!

Since I used gold toned images on this spread I used pop dots to bring the 17 out a bit. I felt like all the gold and white was a perfect complement to a play all about angels!

Day 18:

Monday the 18th was another day that had two stories. I decided to use the concert on the 18th because the other story could have happened any day. I’ve trained this boy up well! He knew right where I was sitting, and would turn, make eye contact, and smile for the photo-op! Haha!

All I added to this one was the 18. Done and done!

Day 19:

I finally have a kiddo old enough to help wrap. While he was at school I wrapped all of his and his brother’s presents. But then when he got home he helped with all the extended family. I was so grateful!

This spread holds another one of our life right now cards. I love how these are sprinkled throughout the album!

I added some washi tape strips to the 19 to look like ribbon. Then I used a chipboard bow to finish it off.

Day 20:

Sooooo, here’s something that happened on the 19th but I knew would continue into the 20th. My oldest is sick…again. Since he was well when he wrapped presents I decided to still put that on the 19th and push this story to the 20th. But I wanted to document the doctor visit since it’s a repeat of Day 7.

All I did was add the 20 and call it good!

So there you have it! My December Daily thus far. Less than a week to go until 2017 is in the books. Hope you are enjoying watching the progress of my album!

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