Scrapbook Layout Ideas: Personality

Are you looking for scrapbook layout ideas? Today I’m sharing a layout about my youngest son’s personality. When the camera comes out, this guy typically hams it up. He makes all kinds of silly faces, but every once and awhile I catch a serious look. And while he definitely has a silly side, he’s a thoughtful kid too. I loved representing both sides of his personality in one layout.

Scrapbook Layout Ideas: Document personality photos! #scrapbooking

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  • Scrapbook Layout Ideas: Document personality photos! #scrapbookingDesign Inspiration: I got this design idea from “Super Simple Scrapbook Challenges” with Stacy Julian and Darci Dowdle. The challenge was to arrange three 4×6 photos into a block and fill the spaces with patterned paper.
  • Color Inspiration: I went with colors that reflected my son’s bright and fun personality. They also happen to be some of my favorite colors. 🙂 This layout makes me happy all around.

Scrapbook Layout Ideas: Document personality photos! #scrapbooking

As I upload photos I always delete and tag my favorites. I have a category for personality photos of each person in my family. As I was scrolling through the pictures in that category for my youngest son I was struck by how much they showcased his personality. No other story needed, just him!

To keep things balanced design wise I dropped enamel dots around the edges of the page. I created a visual triangle across the entire page but also tried to make mini triangles at each point. In addition I made sure that all three colors were represented in each corner of the triangle. Three photos, three colors of patterned paper, three colors of enamel dots…threes are all kinds of awesome!

Scrapbook Layout Ideas: Document personality photos! #scrapbooking

To wrap up this page I used some letter stickers to highlight the two sides of his personality. It was a bonus that I had stickers in exactly the right colors. 🙂 Sometimes my scrap stash hoarding pays off.

A totally quick and simple page design that can be repeated again and again. Love that so much!

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