Project Life Ideas: Scrap 10 Months Quickly

I love Project Life. I love sharing Project Life ideas…except when I can’t get myself motivated to actually do my Project Life scrapping.

In 2012 and 2013 I managed to keep up with Project Life as the year went along. But in 2014 I…didn’t. In fact I didn’t even start until late February. I got caught up…and then I stopped in early March. And that was it. I did nothing more with 2014. I barely did any scrapping at all in 2014.

Scrapbook 10 Months of Project Life Quickly #scrapbooking

Recently I watched as my son started going through my scrapbook albums every evening. He liked my Project Life albums the best. And the fact is, I do to. For the first time in a long time I wanted to get that album done.

Luckily, I had a scrapbook weekend on the books, last weekend in fact. I made it my mission to get that album done. And I did! In one day I finished my 2014 Project Life album. Now, I did have an uninterrupted day to do so. But I do have a few tips to help you bang out your Project Life album quickly!

How to Scrap 10 Months of Project Life Quickly

  • Don’t worry about documenting every event or every photo. Just use your favorites.
  • It’s ok to skip the photo editing step. Just print those photos as is.
  • I often like to use photo collages to get more photos in my album. But in this case I went with full size 4x6s. Keeps things quick and easy!

Scrapbook 10 Months of Project Life Quickly #scrapbooking

  • Limit the number of 3×4 photos you use. But if you want to use a few this PicMonkey tutorial may help you print them out faster.
  • Keep your journaling simple and don’t feel the need to tell every story. Sometimes the photos speak for themselves.
  • Use the 3×4 filler cards liberally. Once again, there’s no need to tell every story.
  • Skip the embellishments. The Project Life cards are beautiful, let them shine in all their simplicity.

For more Project Life ideas visit my Project Life inspiration page!

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