Getting Behind with Project Life

Sometimes we get behind. We get busy, we have deadlines, we have kids’ activities, we have messes to clean and meals to cook. And sometimes Project Life get’s pushed to the side. That has happened with me lately. I actually consider myself “caught up” for the most part. Mainly because of this…

Getting caught up with Project Life |

When I start to feel myself getting behind I focus on photos. I upload pics, I tag my favorites, and I print up a few. And I just start sticking them in pockets. In this sense, I am “caught up” through the end of October.  And since I do two weeks per spread that means I am only 1 spread “behind.”

And yet, I have several spreads that I can’t share with you yet because they aren’t “done.”

Getting caught up with Project Life |

I’ve got photos in place. I’ve even got corners rounded. But I have none of the writing done. And THAT IS OK!

Getting caught up with Project Life |

We all get busy. We are living life! And I’m here to tell you that there is no need for guilt. This hobby is for my enjoyment not as for me to feel an obligation.

And it’s ok for you too! Honestly, even if my album stopped right here I’d be grateful for the stories I DID get told.

So breathe deep and give yourself a bit of love and understanding. You are a gift and you are amazing!

That is all. 😉

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