A Summer Bucket List Update

I shared with you earlier in the summer our summer bucket list for 2013! I thought I’d pop in with a little update.

Summer Bucket List 2013: An Update | scrapinspired.com

I just realized that I never shared how we are keeping track of our list. My boys dug into my washi tape (yep, they love it too) and decorated these simple cards I made. Then we added some magnet strips to the back and added them to our fridge.

Summer Bucket List 2013: An Update | scrapinspired.com

Whenever we complete an item we move it over to the right side. On the left is our still to do items. It’s an easy and fun way to see what we’ve accomplished and what is left to do!

Summer Bucket List 2013: An Update

1. Go to the pool – This one we’ve got covered. We go to the pool A LOT! 🙂

Summer Bucket List 2013: An Update | scrapinspired.com

2. Go to a Royals game – We’ve decided to change this one to a T-Bones game (got cheap tickets through hubby’s work) and it’s on the calendar!

3. Host an outdoor movie – Still on my hope to do list. Have to finish out baseball season first though.

4. Sleep in the backyard/camping – It’s hot and I just don’t wanna. But the boys keep asking, so I know I’m going to have to buckle down and do it.

5. Have a sleepover – Our summer started with a flooded basement. Until it gets put back together we aren’t hosting very many friends (since it’s where we keep the toys). 

6. Make s’mores – Forgot to snap a picture, but we had some yummy smores. May have to have them again just for the photo op. 😉

7. Go to the zoo – Trying to spread out the items that cost money. Perhaps we can get to this in a couple of weeks.

8. Go fishing – Every year at camp my son participates in the Fishing Derby. He enjoys catching the fish, but doesn’t so much want to touch them.

Summer Bucket List 2013: An Update | scrapinspired.com

9. Go to a park – We took care of this one while also snagging some family photos. Love double duty days. 

Summer Bucket List 2013: An Update | scrapinspired.com

10. Have a picnic – We had a driveway picnic with some friends. Totally counts in our book!

Summer Bucket List 2013: An Update | scrapinspired.com

11. Go on a treasure hunt (geocahcing) – I’ve got to figure out how to even do this one! Any tips out there for a geocaching newbie?

12. Get ice cream from the ice cream man – He’s only come by our house once while we were outside, so I had to jump at the opportunity. But once is enough for this cheap Mama. That’s some pricey ice cream!

Summer Bucket List 2013: An Update | scrapinspired.com

13. Have a water fight – A local water park has $2 entry in the early morning to the kiddie area. We decided to check it out and count it for our water fight. Yahoo for flexibility!

Summer Bucket List 2013: An Update | scrapinspired.com

14. Go to the museum – I was surprised how well my boys did with this one. I don’t think they had any idea what a museum was when they agreed to add it to the list. But they seemed to enjoy looking around and behaved very well. Their favorite part was the giant birdies on the lawn.

Summer Bucket List 2013: An Update | scrapinspired.com

15. Plant flowers – Didn’t get this done early on and now it’s just too darn hot. May have to plant some fall flowers instead.

16. Fly a kite – Very first item we tackled. Although I did most of the flying and the boys just mostly tried and then gave up.

Summer Bucket List 2013: An Update | scrapinspired.com

17. Go on a road trip – This one is on the calendar. Heading to visit my sister and her family on the farm sometime soon. Everyone is looking forward to checking this off the list!

18. See a soccer game (Comets or Sporting KC) – Not sure when we will get this done. Again, we are needing to spread out the pricey items a bit. May have to be a fall task as well.

19. Take a photo walk – Waiting for a slightly cooler day for this one.

20. Go on a bike ride – Same thing as number 19. Just needs to cool off a teeny bit.

21. Visit Legoland – This one has been highly anticipated and regularly begged for. We finally tackled it this past weekend. The boys were thrilled! They had so much fun, and I’m so glad we were able to do it as a family.

Summer Bucket List 2013: An Update | scrapinspired.com

22. Visit Worlds of Fun – My boys want to do this one so bad. My wallet has some concerns. It’s on hold for now until we can find some discount tickets and some cooler weather.

23. Go out on the boat – Discovered my husband has to have training to be allowed to take out the community pontoon boats where my parents live. Hopefully we can get it done, but not sure.

24. Go to the lake with friends – This one is on the calendar. It is a yearly end of summer ritual.

25. Go miniature golfing – Daddy took care of this one while I was out of town, so no photos. But it sounds like fun was had by all.


So there you have it! 11 out of 25 complete with just under a month left of summer. Are you noticing a theme? Weather and cost are getting in the way of a few of our items. But we will find a way to get them all done before the end of the year, if not the end of the summer.

And the next month is the most unscheduled of our whole summer so we’re hoping to get several more of these babies checked off the list!

How is your summer bucket list going? Are you documenting it in any way?

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  1. Posted July 31, 2013 at 1:31 pm | Permalink

    Looks like you are having a great summer with your boys. We are having fun checking things off our summer bucket list. Don’t want summer to end.

    • Posted July 31, 2013 at 9:54 pm | Permalink

      Thanks Leslie! I have mixed feelings about summer ending. Some days I’m not ready…others, the kids can’t go back to school soon enough! 😉 Glad you are having fun with your summer bucket list!

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