5 Easy Steps for Getting Caught Up With Project Life

We are more than half way through May, which means I’m a month behind on Project Life. Which isn’t tons and tons, but enough to make me think about my tips for getting caught up. When I start to fall behind on Project Life there are 5 easy things I do to get caught back up.

  1. Upload photos: I go around to all of my cameras and get those photos onto my computer. I take a bit of time to delete and tag the photos to make it easier to find the ones I want later.
  2. Sketch out the spreads: Figuring out which stories I want to tell is easier for me with a quick sketch. I just draw the PL spread on a scratch piece of paper and write in which story will go in each section
  3. Edit and print the photos: I do this all at once. Even if I’m not going to pull together all the spreads at once I go ahead and print all the pictures. Then when I have time over the next week or so, everything is ready and waiting for me.
  4. Stick the photos in the pockets: Without worrying about the journaling, or embellishing, or even rounding corners. I go ahead and stick the photos into the pockets where they will go. Now they are waiting on me to have the time to finish the spread
  5. Finish one week at a time: Now that I have my design sketched and photos ready to go I work on one week at a time. When it comes to journaling and embellishing I like to see the entire week complete all at once. So rather than using the batch process method I go ahead and complete the entire spread. If I’m many weeks behind I finish the most current week first. That way if I never get back to those older weeks (and this sometimes happens), I still feel relatively caught up.

Today I spent some time following these steps and getting caught up on my Project Life. One spread (which for me is two weeks) is now completely done and the other one is sitting at step 4. I’ll finish it up later in the week and share it with you next week.

5 Easy Steps to Get Caught Up With Project Life | scrapinspired.com

The end of April saw both my birthday and my twin niece and nephew’s 3rd birthday. It was a crazy busy time, but thankfully several soccer/baseball games got rained out. Celebrating my birthday by getting to sleep in and lay around was absolutely perfect!

5 Easy Steps to Get Caught Up With Project Life | scrapinspired.com

I also got to see the classroom for my brand new class at Big Picture. (check out Crayons to Color Wheels for more information) I have been waiting for this moment for quite awhile. THIS IS BIG! 🙂

5 Easy Steps to Get Caught Up With Project Life | scrapinspired.com

The beginning of May saw snow…WHAT?!? And a roller skating injury. I’ve never seen my son hurt so badly. At first we were told it wasn’t broken, but in next week’s spread you will see that it is. I guess we are lucky we made it 8 years before a broken bone. 😉

So tell me, what tips do you have for playing catch up with Project Life?

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  1. Michelle
    Posted May 26, 2013 at 5:02 am | Permalink

    Hey Monica I could have typed this myself! It is exactly how i get caught up! Great Work. I love reading all your posts and follow all your work.

    • Posted May 28, 2013 at 10:22 am | Permalink

      Thanks Michelle! Glad to hear that others do something similar. Let’s me know that this process really does work! 🙂

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