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I had the luck of working with the most amazing Disney Travel Agent, Julie Harrington! Julie not only planned a completely magical trip for our family, she also answered every question I had, gave me tips for saving money, and suggestions for souvenirs  I can honestly say our trip wouldn’t have been nearly as successful as it was without Julie organizing everything. Julie has a wonderful website with lots of tips and tricks for the perfect Disney vacation! I asked Julie to write a guest post for us here at Scrap Inspired and she willingly agreed. So may I introduce you to my friend Julie Harrington!

I want to first thank Monica for allowing me the opportunity to share with all of you, one my family’s favorite things to do when we visit Disney World or take a Disney Cruise. I am sure you know the planning that goes into a Disney vacation and how overwhelming it can get. Put the worries aside and get the kiddos to help you plan out some decorations. If you have ever been to Disney or on a Disney Cruise you may have seen windows decorated or stateroom doors with magnets and signs on them. You have a space that you can make your own and a way to share with others what you may be celebrating during your trip.

It is very easy to make your own window decorations, door magnets and anything else you can think of. Be creative. One popular thing that you see hanging in the windows at the resorts are various Mickey Head designs. If you are good with Photo Shop or have your own editing program, you can create your own. Here are a few you can use HERE (link below)

You can also Google the internet for various of designs you can print out.

Keep in mind that no matter what you put on your resort windows, you can’t use tape. Purchase some suction cup hooks. After you have made your creations that you want to hang, laminate them. I have my own lamination machine. After they are laminated, I punch a hole in them and that is how I hang them on the hooks. Check out our window at Pop Century Resort and then the same decorations we used for our stay at Port Orleans French Quarter.

You do a similar thing to make magnets for your stateroom door on your cruise. I create my signs and decorations on my computer, print them out, laminate them and instead of putting them on hooks, I attach small magnets to the back of them. You can get small magnets in the arts & crafts section of your local Walmart. You can also print them on magnetic paper, but I find this process less expensive. You can even bring magnets you have from home to put on the door. Please do not use any tape on the doors either. Check out our stateroom door on the Disney Magic. It was my daughter’s birthday during the cruise, so we had some birthday signs.

Here are some other fun decoration ideas:

  • stuffed animals in the window
  • holiday lights strung around your window
  • window clings that you can purchase at the store
  • dry erase board on your stateroom door, write little notes to each other during the day

I am a Disney Travel Specialist, who was lucky enough to help Monica plan their fun-packed family Disney vacation. I specialize in working with families, large or small. Putting together that dream come true vacation, can be very overwhelming. I am here to relieve you of the worries and stresses. Let me help you put together the family vacation of a lifetime.
Julie Harrington

Thanks so much Julie for sharing the Disney inspiration! Want to see more of my Disney DIY projects? (Check out everything Disney on Scrap Inspired) Or better yet, sign up for inspiration right in your inbox! I’d love to see you again here at Scrap Inspired!

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  1. Lisa Swift
    Posted October 5, 2012 at 8:55 am | Permalink

    Fun! I didn’t see anything like this during our stay in June.

  2. Jen
    Posted October 6, 2012 at 9:13 am | Permalink

    Great post! Wonderful ideas!

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