Thankful Thursday {Impromptu Picnic}

The back to school countdown has begun. In 6 days school begins. And that means my baby will be starting Kindergarten (ack!). We have been filling our days with play dates and fun outings. But yesterday our plans suddenly changed. Our playdate was cancelled because our friend was sick. 🙁 But that opened up the whole day. After we tackled some shopping for new back to school outfits, I picked up some Subway and we headed to the park. No one else was there! And it was a rare, reasonable temperature day. We ate, they played, and I laid on a blanket under a tree and enjoyed the breeze. It was a moment of calm that was much needed in this hectic end of summer fun. Definitely something to be thankful for!


PS Want to join me in the journey to document my gratitude? Check out my class Gratitude Documented!

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