The Cousin Games

Ok, I’ll admit it…my cousin is funny! A couple of weeks ago he declared on facebook that he would be holding a Cousin Games to determine who his favorite cousin was (between me and my sister). We all happened to be on facebook at the time so a commenting war began. After an hour and 135ish comments I was laughing so hard my sides hurt. I just knew I had to create a layout around our silly conversation (with many, not so subtle, Hunger Games references)

  • Design Inspiration: With journaling that takes up more than half of the page there wasn’t much design to this page. I just tried to make it all fit.
  • Color Inspiration: I used the tones from the movie posters to inspire my color choices.

I used very bad photoshopping to replace Katniss and Peta’s heads with mine and my sister’s. 🙂 I did the same thing for my cousin/President Snow. I gotta say these photos made me laugh out loud all afternoon.

To create the title I used some Heidi Swapp color magic letters. I love how I could blend the colors to look a bit like fire. Love how the title turned out!

Ok here’s where I got a little cheesy. I colored some paisleys to look like fire. Then I added two wood veneer people. And yep, those are two red “berries” in their hands. I took the theme all the way! 🙂

Feel free to take the time to read our entire conversation…I’m sure you won’t find it nearly as funny as we did. To get this all on one page I had to take screen shots of the conversation. Then I pulled the screen shots into Photoshop Elements and added them to a 8.5×11 page. 135 comments…that’s a lot of screen shots! But I love having the journaling completely done for me.

I still smile every time I look at this page. I’m so glad I took the time to document this totally random story!


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