4×6 Templates {Photoshop Elements Tutorial}

If you’ve been around Scrap Inspired for long you know that I’m addicted to 4×6 digi templates. I use them AllTheTime in Project Life, and I find myself using them again and again in scrapbook layouts too! So I thought I’d give you a quick tutorial to show you how super easy they are to use.

Begin by opening your template and the photos you want to use (I’ve linked my favorite templates below)…

Click on the first box you want to add an image to (either in the main window, or in the layers palette on the right)

Drag and drop your first photo onto the template.
Resize the photo until it is the size you want by dragging the corner. Click the checkmark.
Now it’s time to “clip” or “mask” the photo to the shape below it. With the photo selected in the layer palette go to Layer…Create Clipping Mask.
Now your photo will only show in the space defined by the shape it is clipped to. You can still move it around and resize it until it looks the way you want.
Then click on the next box you want to add a photo to (either in the main window or in the layers palette on the right)
Once again, drag and drop a photo onto the template. Resize and move the photo until it fits in the area you want it. Click the green arrow.
Once you have the photo sized correctly and in the space you want it “clip” or “mask” the photo. Layer…Create Clipping Mask. Repeat these steps until you have all the areas filled with photos.
Now it’s time to flatten your image to print. In the layers palette right click on the layer and choose flatten image. You can also find this option by going to Layer…flatten image in the tabs across the top of the screen.
Be sure to File…Save As and rename your file so that you don’t save your creation over the original template! You want to be able to use these templates again and again! Now your photo collage is ready to print and use on your next layout!
See how easy that is! I know you can do it too! And if you get stuck or have any questions leave me a comment and I’d be happy to help!


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