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Why is it we spend so little time scrapping the people we love? With Mother’s Day around the corner I wanted to share a layout I created honoring my Mom. I’ve documented her relationship with my boys, I’ve documented her education (and that of my grandmothers). I’ve even documented how much I’m like my mom. But I’ve never just made a page about the awesome woman she is! Until now that is…

  • Design Inspiration: I was initially inspired by this sketch by Donna Jannuuzzi. I really just used it as a jumping off point though, and didn’t stick to closely to the dimensions of anything.
  • Color Inspiration: I loved the red text paper and decided to go with a red, black and gray theme. I don’t often use those colors so I got to play around with some fun papers and products that usually go unused.

Forgive me but I’m going to get on my soapbox for a sec. When I decided that I wanted to make a page about my Mom, I searched through my photos for pics of her and I together. I was struck by one sad fact…other than a photo of us when I was 2 and the standard graduation/wedding photos I have almost no photos of us together. She has never liked to have her picture taken, so no one did. And now as an adult I have very few photos of my Mama. Because of this I have started taking lots of self portraits as well as pics with me and my boys. Someday they won’t care that my hair wasn’t perfect, or that I could lose a few pounds, they will only care that they have documentation of our lives together. I hope you will take this as a reminder to take a photo of yourself today. YOU are worth documenting!

Ok, I’m off my soapbox now! 🙂 Even with only a few photos I loved making this page about my Mom. And I love how it turned out!

I wanted to create a fun tag so I used a heart stamp to fill the tag. I love how it turned out! And then I used some washi tape to create a fun embellishment. Want more ideas on how to use washi tape? Sign up for my webinar Washi Tape Wahoo!

Love how stamps and tags can make a fun title block! I just can’t get enough of Ali Edwards’ stamps (linked below).

I used a tag from Ella Publishing’s List it Childhood edition (linked below) for my journaling. I love using a list for journaling. And this was a great way to document the things I love about my Mama!

To celebrate Mother’s Day, how about scrapping a page about your Mom?!? If you do, leave a link in the comments so we can all see it!


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