Gallery Wall Update

Ok way back in August I showed you the beginnings of my Gallery Wall. Today I’m back with an update. Still not totally done, but super close! Here’s a peek at where my wall started back in August.

This wall is at the top of our stairs. I bought a variety of white frames, figured out the arrangement by laying the frames on the floor and then hung them up…all before deciding what photos I was going to use. And here is what the wall looks like now.

You can see that it expanded a bit. And I love it! And I love that I can add more frames above or below. So much fun!

Moving across the wall from the right side to the left side I have a variety of recent family photos. All are snapshots taken by me. There are several small sections here that I love.

 This little area is one of my favorites. I’ll talk about the text print in a minute but for now I want to talk about those 4×6 pics and how I hung them. I used a product called Photo Curator. It’s these little adhesive brackets that hold your photo. Not only are these easy to use but they are perfect for switching out photos.

Now back to that text print and this lovely one as well. Both are from the super talented Monika Wright. She has so many awesome products and a super inspiring blog! You totally should check her out! See that blank spot between those two photos? I have a plan for that spot. My final project for this gallery wall…which I’ll show you…when it’s done. 🙂

The center section is the anchor of my wall. This photograph is one of my all time favorites that I’ve ever taken. I call it Heaven on Earth (which are the words on the canvases below). My idea for using this photo within my gallery wall is that these photos of my family represent my heaven on earth. How’s that for deep and meaningful. 🙂

 And here’s the final section (with another text print at the top by the talented Monika Wright). I love the mix of photos, text, and letters.

For some added extra fun I framed a piece of cork board and added a map. I simply googled for a map image and then adjusted the colors in PSE until it looked the way I wanted. I’ve added pins for the places we’ve gone together. SO looking forward to adding to this through the years.

 Go ahead and feast your eyes on the whole shebang once again. Makes me happy!

Do you have a gallery wall? Leave me a comment with a link! I always enjoy seeing how others display their photos!



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