December Daily {Days 10-13}

It was bound to happen. I was going strong for 9 whole days…no real surprise that I fell off the wagon for a few days. 🙂 But I’m back and caught up! Yay!

Saturday {Day 10}

 My husband’s company puts on a Kids Christmas party every year complete with Santa. I like that it’s free…no line…free…fun crafts…free…food…and free! 🙂

Another of Ali’s templates for the left page. I adore how the picture continues up into the word Joy. So cool!

For the middle pocket page I added in a photo of my youngest on Santa’s lap. For a child that has been crazy scared of Santa the last 3 years, this time he was all smiles.

I decided to write my journaling on the back of the number coasters like Ali did. And yep, I started to spell crafts as carfts. Oh well…I let go of perfectionism in scrapbooking a long time ago!

On both of the little pictures I added a word sticker and a christmas metal embellishment. I love the little detail that adds! And I gotta say, the picture of my oldest thinking of what he wants is so adorable to me! 🙂

The right page is just an assortment of photos from the event. To add a bit more interest I used this Santa chipboard sticker in the middle of the photos. And there’s my Saturday.

Sunday {Day 11}

Sunday was…not fun…remember Tuesday last week? It happened again…

For the left page I created my own photo collage with overlay similar to Ali’s. In one of her posts she shared what font she used so I was even able to match the fonts. The titles say it all…

For the record, the “barely made it home” photo was taken later after my son was in bed and I had to make a run to the store…not during the rushed drive home. I was holding a bag during that time. 😉

And this photo was actually taken on Monday morning. No one wants to see what Sunday looked like. Again I used some Ali Edwards word art for the “do you see what I see?” and then I added the “round two.” Hoping we only have two rounds…not three and four! I’m still hand sanitizing like crazy and praying!

Monday {Day 12}

 Even though I was caring for a sick little one, I still had things to get done. Today I spent time working on a gift for my little tween cousin.

I decided to incorporate one of the chipboard calendars for today. I thought it woud be fun to show how many days I’ve got to get this gift done! Even though the edges of the calendar are cut off it still gets the idea across.

My family is small so we still celebrate with my cousins and their families every year. This year all the little cousins drew names for gifts. My son is actually the one giving this gift so he has been very interested in helping to make it. Love that!

We didn’t get all the embroidery floss wound, but we are getting much closer! Only 4 days to go before I’ve got to have this one done and wrapped. Better get back to work on it! Well, after I tell you about yesterday…

Tuesday {Day 13}

I’ve got to admit, I’m having trouble making myself tell a story that didn’t actually happen on the day in question. This is my first attempt, although since the boys work on their lego advent calendars everyday they did do this today…it’s just that I didn’t take the pictures today. But there are a few other stories that I kinda want to tell, but since they happened on the same day as another big story (like Santa) I haven’t told them yet. Not sure if my neurotic self will be able to add them onto a day they didn’t happen, but we’ll see.

We’ve never done Lego advent calendars before, but I can tell you this is a new favorite tradition! The boys get up every day and head straight for their calendars. They are so excited to see what is next. I love watching them start their day with such joy!

I wasn’t smart enough to remember to snag part of the packaging to use in the album. So instead I went on to amazon and grabbed a screen shot of each boys’ advent calendar. I actually like that it includes the price. I think that will be fun to look back on in the future.

I added a photo of each boy’s lego set up and journaled about how much the way they handle their legos reflect their personalities.

And there you have it! All caught up! Well…except for today…guess I’d better get to work on that one… 😉


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  1. Sierra
    Posted December 14, 2011 at 7:58 am | Permalink

    Hi Monica,
    Thanks for sharing your DD pages. I enjoy following along. We take a lot of the same classes and start a lot of the same projects but you actually do the assignments. I like that about you. 😉

    Just curious what font you used on your Day 11 collage? I like the look of it.

    Hope the sickness passes quickly (and not to anyone else in your house!)



    • Posted December 14, 2011 at 8:03 am | Permalink

      Ah thanks Sierra! I used Helvetica Neue. I believe it came on my computer because I don’t remember downloading it. It’s the same one Ali used on her templates. I like that it has a variety of thicknesses available (I think I used a combo of ultra light and bold ).

      • Sierra
        Posted December 14, 2011 at 8:27 am | Permalink

        Thanks. I like the varied look too.

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