T-Shirt Scarf {A Pinterest Challenge}

It’s that time again! The folks over at Young House Love have extended the challenge to create something from one of your pin boards on Pinterest. Young House Love’s link party will be up Wednesday, but since I post tutorials on Tuesdays I went ahead and posted early. Head on over to YHL to check out all the other amazing projects! I participated in their summer edition with some canvas word art. For fall I wanted to try making a T-Shirt scarf.

I knew I wanted to try this beauty from here. Aren’t the ruffles adorable?!? And she says it would be only 5 min of sewing. Woo-hoo for that!

I got started following her step by step directions. See how it’s ruffling behind the foot of the sewing machine? I thought I was doing well. When I pulled it off the machine it was hardly long enough to go around my neck. 🙁 So I ripped out the seam and tried again…and again…and again. So much for 5 min of sewing!

In the end I had this (sorry for the poor lighting in this photo). It’s ok once it’s on and tied lightly, but boy are the seams a mess.

Don’t look too close at this disaster! I’m sure that it was all user error and not the fault of the tutorial! I eventually gave up on the ruffle scarf, but NOT on the idea of making a t-shirt scarf!

So I pulled out idea number two (from here)…and another old t-shirt.

The directions said to cut two 80 inch strips that were 6.5 inches wide. Since I wasn’t buying yardage, just using an old t-shirt I only had enough for one 80 inch strip. But I was determined to make this scarf work! I laid my large ruler across the shirt and cut toward the 6.5 mark. Nothing too exact.

To make the 80 inches I cut two 6.5 inch wide strips, and then cut along one of the side seams to open up the tube.

Then I stitched the two strips together. Now I had my 80 inches.

With some of the leftover t-shirt I cut 14 strips that were 0.75 inches by 6.5 inches (7 for each side). Again, nothing needs to be too exact.

I pinned the strips along the bottom of the scarf. Make sure to pin the strips so that the curls are facing out. Once they are stitched down the curling edges will give the scarf a nice look.

Stitch down the center of each strip. I decided to use white thread to give my gray scarf some extra detail.

You can see how the strips have curled up. I could have left it like this but I felt like stitching along the edges would give the scarf more definition. This is the point in the tutorial where you make a second scarf and stitch the two together so there is no back side. Since I only had one 80 inch strip I skipped that part.

So I very carefully stitched all the way down the length of the scarf. At the beginning of each strip I stopped my machine with the needle down, lifted the foot, and flattened the strip to make sure it was stitched down without a curl at the edges.

You can see how the side stitches give some extra definition to the scarf. At this point I was feeling pretty happy about the way this scarf was turning out.

And here is my finished scarf. I think it turned out super cute! Phew!! What a relief to have a successful pinterest creation!

What’s your favorite recent pin on Pinterest? Have you actually made something you pinned? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear all about it!

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