My Style

Our latest assignment in the Mother LOAD class was to find a handful of recent layouts you LOVE.  Then analyze them to discover what similarities they have.  This process was to help us define our style.

Here are the layouts I selected…

So what did I learn from my review?  Well to be honest I was a bit stumped to find similarities.  So I reached out to the community in the Mother LOAD class to see what they thought.  I’m so glad I did because they came up with things I just didn’t see…and they were so right!

1.  I like to use bold colors
2.  I prefer a strong line across the page, typically going from edge to edge
3.  I add a supporting line of some kind
4.  I divide my pages into thirds

and my favorite style choice (although I never would have guessed it myself)
5.  I cluster my elements together and fill the remaining “white” space with patterned paper.

Come back later in the week and I hope to show you a layout I’ve created using my favorite style choices!

Do you see any other similarities?  What style choices do you find yourself making again and again?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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