Making Shapes {Photoshop Elements Tutorial}

When I showed you this layout I told you I’d share a tutorial on how to make a rectangle with two rounded corners in Photoshop Elements.

Start by opening a blank canvas in PSE.

Before you create your shape be sure you have a color selected in the color palette that you can see on your canvas.  It doesn’t matter what color it is because you won’t see it in the end, but it will help you when creating the shape.

Begin with the rounded corner rectangle.

At the top left choose the pixel size.  I like 60 px for my rounded corner rectangles.  The larger the px the more rounded the corners.  Play with the number until you like how the rectangle looks.

Create the rectangle to the size you want.

Go back into the shape palette and choose the regular rectangle.

Choose the corner that you want to have the sharp corners.  Line up the + sign with the top edge of your rectangle and draw it out until the + is on the other edge of the rectangle.

Then follow the same procedure to draw the rectangle on the opposite corner.

When you click off the shape you may see that the lines don’t match up exactly.  Just move the rectangle around until all the lines match up.

When you have all the shapes where you want them select the three layers in the layers palette.

Right click on the three selected layers and say merge layers (not flatten).  Now your shape is all one piece and ready to clip something to it.

I duplicated the shape so that I can show you two ways to use it.

Open the photo you want to use.  In the layer palette select the shape you want to clip on and drag it the photo onto the canvas.

Resize the photo as needed.

Be sure it is on top of the shape you are clipping to.  If it isn’t, just drag the layer above the shape in the layer palette.

Click on the photo layer in the layers palette.  You can clip it in two ways.  you can go to layer, create clipping mask.  Or you can hold down the option key and hover your mouse between the two layers you are clipping until two double circles show up.  When you see the double circle, click and you have clipped!

Once it’s clipped you can still resize and move the photo around until it fills the space the way you want.

You can also clip pattern paper to your shape.

Create a clipping mask like you did with the photo.

Move and resize until it looks the way you want.

And voila!  Two ways to fill your lovely little shape.

Anything you are dying to learn how to do in PSE?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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