120 Days {Weeks 3-5}

Not long ago I showed you how I set up my PAS {Photo Album Scrapbook} and the first two weeks in my 120 Days album.  I thought it was about time to give you an update.  So here are Weeks 3-5!

You see the end of Week 2 on the left and the title page for Week 3 on the right.

In case you can’t tell that is a photo of my son hitting at some bubbles.  🙂  We went to a birthday party this week that had a bubble machine.  Both my boys loved running around the room trying to catch bubbles.  I mean, you’re never to old for that right?  🙂

The rest of the spread from Week 3.  I’m choosing to keep embellishments very simple in this mini album.  Just circle tags and a few journal strips.

I add a circle tag or journal strip when the photo is not explained in the journaling.  Just to give a few extra details of our week.

For the journaling this week I used one email I sent to my husband that documented one of our busiest days.  I’m loving the mix of emails, facebook, and handwritten journaling in this mini album!

Week 4 was all about the end of summer and the beginning of school.  Mama was SOOOOO ready!  🙂

Two sweet boys sitting on the porch before the first day of school.  🙂  Love this pic!

We had two fun days this week before schools started so I used this journal card by Ali Edwards to write about the various activities we did.

Take a good look at this spread.  Notice something??

Ok, if you are like me you are sitting there thinking…“Shut up!  Why didn’t I ever think of using a vertical 4×6 in a 2 UP album like this?!?”  SO SIMPLE!  Just cut 2 inches off the top or bottom of your pic and allow it to span the two pockets.  Then add two blocks of paper along the side and bottom to complete the spread.  I love it!!!

I used some of Ali Edwards’ new school brushes and journal blocks.  So fun to add a little sentiment to a photo before printing!

And here is the title page for Week 5!

It’s so easy to put three vertical photos on a 4×6 by using the technique I showed you here.  Just make three simple rectangles and clip a photo to each.  Easy way to add lots of photos on a spread!

Another journaling block from facebook screen captures.  Just couldn’t let the conversation about how my boys went up to the balcony after church and spit off it onto the congregation below pass by without documentation!  …I can laugh now…so mad then!  🙂

For a little change of pace I added a strip of pattern paper to the bottom of the journal strip on this one.  Then I rounded the corners.  Love how it turned out!

And there you have it!  Weeks 3-5 of our 120 Days without Daddy.  Only 80 some odd days left…  🙂

What was the highlight of your week?  Any fun tips for making a PAS?  Any stories about your children in church or about spitting to make me feel better about my crazy children?  I’d love to hear all about it!

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