NYC Mini Album – After

So this week you’ve seen how I made my album and what the pages looked like before our trip.  Now for my COMPLETED album!  It really helps that I did much of the journaling during our trip.  All I had to do after we returned was print up the pictures and add them in.  I’ll talk more about my process in another post.  But for today I thought I’d show you my finished album.

Come on, sit down here with me.  I would LOVE to tell you about my trip to New York.  Do you have a few minutes…or 15?  🙂  Well then let’s have a look…

Thanks for letting me tell you all about my trip to New York!

Going anywhere fun this summer?  Taken a special trip for an anniversary?  Have a dream vacation on your mind?  I’d love to hear all about it!

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  1. sm_bradford
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  2. Lynn W
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    Great album & video!

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