How I Scrapped on the Road

After sharing all about my NYC mini album here, here, and here some of you may be wondering how on earth I scrapped on the road.  Well I wondered the same thing when I signed up for the class. Ali Edwards, author of Scrapbook on the Road (an instant download class for only $14.95!), showed us what she took on her trip.  So I thought I’d let you take a peek at what I brought with me.

I used a small zipper pouch (a thirty-one product, LOVE them) to house my supplies.  I did carry the scissors in my checked luggage just to be sure they wouldn’t get taken away.  🙂

From left to right: hole punch, stapler, adhesive, scissors, glue pen, black and white journaling pens, green sharpies, pencil, and small ruler.  I also too a few pieces of journaling cardstock in case I wanted to add an extra page during the trip.

Then each night I looked through the things I had picked up that day (business cards, brochures, postcards etc) and decided which I wanted to use in the album.  Then I wrote a bit about the day.  Being a person who always starts with photos, this was a hard process.  Cause pictures actually came last.  But because I knew which photos I had taken I could think a bit about what I might want to put where.

It was actually much easier than I thought it would be.  And fun to document things as the trip went along.  I think it allowed me to remember details I might have otherwise forgotten.  Plus it was complete so quickly after I came home (just had to print a few pics and add them in) I show friends and family the album as I talked about the trip.  Loved that!

Do you ever scrap away from home?  What do you take with you?  How do you pack?  Even if you don’t scrap away from home, what would be your essential supplies?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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