Two Peas in a Pod

Yesterday my niece and nephew turned 1!  Look how cute they are!!

About a month ago my sister was struggling to find something for them to wear at their birthday party.  She initially wanted to get shirts that said something about 1st Birthday.  However these twins were premies and are still smaller than average.  The problem was that all 1st Birthday shirts/onsies were all 12m and up.  Since my niece is wearing 6m clothes and my nephew 9m that wasn’t going to work.  Her theme was Two Peas in a Pod.  So her second thought was to get a Two Peas in a Pod shirt.  They are out there, but were crazy expensive.  So she was at a loss about what to do.  Then I stepped in to save the day.  🙂
I searched for digi images of two peas in a pod.  Then in Photoshop Elements I made a simple design based on a tutorial I found here.  It is important to make a background shape to put your design on.  That will make it easier to cut out around the image for when you iron on.
Here is the design I made.  One on yellow for my niece and one on green for my nephew.  I also made two small ovals with some quotes for the back of their shirts.  Don’t forget to reverse the image before printing on your photo transfer paper.
It will look something like this.

Just follow the directions on the package for your photo transfer paper.  I had a hard time finding plain onsies but ended up finding these at Hobby Lobby.  They have other colors but the white worked best for my project.

Happy Birthday little ones!
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  1. Xnomads
    Posted April 30, 2011 at 6:16 am | Permalink

    Such an adorable project & gift. What lucky niece & nephew you have! Happy Birthday. They are cuties.

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