True Scrap

True Scrap begins today!  A three day online workshop filled with amazing teachers.  I can’t wait for the official start with an interview with Ali Edwards.

So I know I’m totally crazy but I have found myself getting ready for this event.  But not in the normal way.  Normal people would be collecting supplies for the make and takes and clearing their schedule.  Now I did those things too (Still waiting for my supplies to arrive from Hoping for a delivery today!) and I wish I could say I stopped there.

You know how when you’ve got friends coming over you tend to clean up the place a bit?  Well something about the fact that I would be watching some of my favorite creative people LIVE in my very own home made me feel like cleaning it up a bit.  I know, I know…they won’t actually be here and they can’t see me but I didn’t say it was logical.  🙂  I spent all of yesterday afternoon cleaning my craft room from top to bottom.  Prepping for the big event.  And then this morning I found myself getting ready for the day, as in hair and makeup!  For all you other stay at home moms out there you know that hair and makeup is not an everyday occurrence.  🙂

Like I said, I know I’m being totally silly but that just shows you how excited I am for this event!  I think there is still time to sign up if you want to join in the fun!  Hop over to and check it out.  I’m off to check the mail for any scrappy deliveries!  🙂  Enjoy your Thursday!

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