Kids Craft Zone

As promised here are some pics of my kids craft zone that I set up in my craft room.  Some of you may remember seeing this post about my scrapbook organization.  If you did you know that I have one whole wall of shelves dedicated to organizing by color.  Well I took some space out of those shelves to create my kids zone.

I took one (well two if you count the lite brite space) of the bottom cubbies and created a kid area.  I put in a bin of craft supplies, some lined paper, and some cardstock.
The inside of my bin looks like this.  Full of crafty fun!

In my two cups I have colored pencils and markers (washable of course!)  And did you know Crayola now makes their marker bodies black instead of white?  Apparently they are making their markers out of recycled plastic and can’t make the white color.  Some of these markers are the new recycled kind and some aren’t.  Sorry you can’t see the black ones!  Apparently to go green they had to go black.  Love that!  🙂

In one of the pencil boxes I have some scraps of patterned paper.  I just went through my stash of paper scraps and pulled out the pieces that I don’t really like, that I have lots of, or that has holes cut out of the middle.  I just chopped it down to small enough pieces to fit in the box and stuffed it in.  Now my boys have fun paper to use when they pull out my box of punches.

We also have stickers all over this house.  I gathered up the ones I know I’ll never use on a layout and stuck them in the second pencil box.  They probably won’t last long, but the next time they get a sheet of stickers we’ll have a defined place to put them!

Then in a small basket I have scissors, glue sticks (much less messy than white glue) and some stencils.  I also plan to add a couple regular pencils to this basket.

I bought two plastic lap desks for their work space.  They stack and sit easily in the corner.  I picked these up at Hobby Lobby for about $7 each.

I hardly had the supplies in place before it was being put too good use.  My youngest LOVED his own personalized art journal and has already filled several pages.  It was so fun to watch him work.  And it kept him plenty busy while I was creating too.  Love that!
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  1. teachU14
    Posted April 9, 2011 at 1:06 pm | Permalink

    Your craft room is fantastic and setting some space aside for your children is wonderful!

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