Gum Wrapper Flower Tutorial

Yesterday I showed you a layout I made about my son’s first experience with gum.  For a fun twist I made a flower out of gum wrappers.  I wanted to take a minute to show you how I did it.

I don’t know about you, but this takes me back to my Jr High days.  I used to make these bracelets all the time!

Start with some gum wrappers.  Any kind will do.  I was too impatient to wait for empty wrappers so I now have a ziplock full of unwrapped gum in my pantry.  🙂

 Take your wrapper and lay it face down on your work surface.

 Fold the wrapper in half length wise (like a hotdog).  Then cut the wrapper in half so you have two skinny triangles.  Fold one of the skinny rectangles in half like a hot dog.

Open up your fold and then fold one side in to the center.

Then fold the other side to the center.

Now fold the two sides toward each other so that you have a long skinny rectangle.

Fold your long rectangle in half.

Open it back up and fold each side in to the center.

Now fold the sides toward one another.

 Each side should now have a small loop.

Hold the wrapper on the folded end.  Take another wrapper and slide it’s prongs through the loops of your first wrapper.  Pull all the way down.

 Continue folding wrappers and linking them together as above.  For my flower I made three chains that were 7 wrappers long.  Just FYI, it works better if you use the same type of wrapper.  Then they fit tighter together than mine did.  The Stride wrappers were a little off from the Trident.  But I didn’t want my flower to be all white.  You can also use Wrigley’s or any other full size stick gum wrappers.

Lay the three chains on top of one another.  I used a staple to hold them together.

To top off my flower I cut a 3/4 in circle out of the gum package.  I used my scissors to cut it into a little flower.  Then I found a small embellishment for the center.
I think it is cute and fun.  I can see using lots of colors of gum wrappers.  Or even scraps of patterned paper.  It does get a little bulky when you lay the strips on top of one another.  So next time I might make shorter chains but more of them.  Lay them in a circle pattern and then put a button in the middle over where they meet.  I also considered making a chain and laying it across part of the page like you would ribbon.  So many possibilities!  
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