Go, Diego, Go Party

Tomorrow is our big Go, Diego, Go birthday party.  In cased you missed the invites for this party you can check them out here.

We’ve had some major family things going on this week and I was fearful that I wouldn’t get my crafty party projects done in time.  But this afternoon I got busy and finished the projects I had planned.

Aren’t these Rescue Pack goodie bags adorable?!?  Want to know how to make your own?  Well, check it out…

I started by gathering my supplies.  Orange lunch sacks (from my local party store), googly eyes, some red and yellow paper scraps, and a Sharpie.  I even pulled up an image of Diego’s rescue pack online so I would have something to refer to.

I drew the eyebrows and mouth with the Sharpie.  Then I cut outside the black lines so that they would show up better when placed on the orange bags.

I folded the top down and then flipped the bag to the back to cut the backpack straps.  I started at the fold line and cut about 3/4 of the way down the bag.  It really helps if you use sharp, pointed scissors.

Then I made several folds on the straps so they would stand out a bit from the back of the bag.  I’m not worried about things spilling out because I am putting an activity sheet in these goodie bags.  I will just make sure the activity sheet is against the openings in the bag.

Now flip the bag back to the front and add the face.  I found that Elmer’s glue worked best for sticking the eyes down.

Here are all my bags ready to stuff.  I bought a pre-assembled pack of toys for the gift bags.  It was cheaper than buying things individually.  The children will be using the green Spotter Scopes for the party game you’ll see next.

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Go, Diego, Go then you know it’s teaches you all about the featured animal.  Well this game follows the same type of format.  I bought 2 each of 6 different jungle animals.  Before the party I will hide those animals around the house.  Then when it’s time for the game I will play the “Rescue Pack Remix” song and ask the children to find the Spotter Scopes in their bags.  Their job will be to search for the animals and match them to the cards.

So I needed some cards.  I went onto National Geographic Kids website and searched for each animal.  They had these cool printable fact cards.  Not all of the party guests will be able to read (it’s for a 4 year old after all) but a few of the older siblings can.  I wanted them to learn something while playing the game.

I wanted the cards to stand up with a spot to put the animals once they are found.  I cut a 12 inch strip the width of the cards.  I then folded it into thirds and attached the card to the middle section.  That way there is one section to help it stand up and one section for the animals to sit on.

Here are all my cards with their matching animals.  Not sure why the tiger card printed smaller than the rest, but oh well.  ūüôā

For the second party game I found this animal balloon kit on clearance at Target.  Each balloon has a set of face stickers and a cardboard base.  I figured the kids would have a lot of fun creating their own animal balloons!

Unlike my Mickey party last year, I don’t have cutsey foods for this party.  I decided to go with a nacho bar which was themey enough for me.  ūüôā  I downloaded a Diego CD from iTunes to play as background music and ordered a cake from Price Chopper.  I’m sure my little Diego fan will have an amazing time at his Animal Rescue Party!

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