Backpack Tag

The time is almost here…my first born begins kindergarten in just a few days (sniff, sniff).  After I saw this blog post over at Amy’s SVGs and Other Scrap Stuff I couldn’t wait to try making a backpack tag too!

I started by using a tip I learned from Amy.  When you are using SCAL or Design Studio, you can organize your cuts on the mat so that you can cut several items at once.  If I can, I try to get all my cuts on the same mat.  Saves time and it keeps your mat from getting worn in just one spot.  The tag and the bus come from SVG digicarts over at  I used the Tags Galore set and the Back to School set.  They have amazing stuff! Some SVGs are free on their blog, and the ones you purchase are very reasonable.  Great site!

I assembled all the various pieces and put them on the tag.  Yes, my son really wanted his name to be pink.  🙂  He chose all the elements for this tag.  The colors, the bus picture, everything.

I added a few gradient jewels for the headlights on the bus, and on my son’s name.  Instead of sticking each individual letter, I chose to cut them out of the tag and use the negative by backing the tag with pink.  It made the cute line at the bottom of the tag be pink too.  For one final touch I drew a few lines across the gray on the front of the bus.

I got a pack of these self laminating luggage tags at target for around $4.  There are something like 5 tags in a pack.

I had measured wrong and had to cut the top of the tag down some so that there was room to seal it at the bottom.  I was ok with that though, cause the fact that the tag at the top had a hole for the string and then my tag had another hole was kinda bugging me.  🙂

Now if any other kindergartener happens to have the same Lightning McQueen backpack we will know which one belongs to Parker!  He loves it and so do I!

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