Inspiring Minds Want to Know: How Do You Find Time to Scrapbook?

Inspiring Minds Want to Know: How to Find Time to Scrapbook #scrapbooking

Recently I got an email with these questions from Camille:

Do you set aside specific days to scrapbook or do you scrap a little each day?

Do you feel like there are some days where you are never going to catch up with your scrapbooking projects?

I’ve talked about this a little bit before when I wrote about how to find time to scrapbook but I wanted to come back and revisit this topic because it’s one I get asked about again and again!

At this point in my life I do not set aside specific days to scrapbook. As a work at home mom I take time each day to assess the must dos and the want tos. I take a look at which work tasks have to get done, which home tasks need attention, and where my energy level is. Then I prioritize the list to the top 3-5 things I have to finish that day. While this may sound super organized, most of this is done in my head and can easily change on a whim.

One might think that since I run a scrapbooking website for a living I probably get to scrap all the time. The truthful answer to that is, not so much. When I’m developing a class I might scrapbook several times during a week, along with creating videos, editing, photographing, writing content, etc. Otherwise I’d say that if I scrapbook once a week I’m doing really good. And some months I only scrapbook one time during the entire month. And it’s often during Inspiration to Creation LIVE.

That being said, let me tell you what I do make sure happens EVERY DAY. I take time for me! That’s right, I really do. In the middle of work, and kids, and cleaning (and let’s face it cleaning is typically way down on the list) I make sure that there is at least 30 minutes to an hour that is just for me. I might scrapbook, but I could also read a book or take a nap. It all depends on my energy level and whether I’m feeling inspired to create. If my scrapbook room is a mess, I’m much less likely to go in there and create. Sometimes it’s just easier to open a book and relax. So I let that be ok! As long as I’m taking time to feed my soul, I’m fine with whatever form that happens to take.

But when I do want to get scrappy here are some strategies I use:

  • Schedule time on the calendar and put as much value on that appointment as any other.
  • Book a scrappy date with a friend.
  • Let your kids create along with you.
  • Scrap while watching a movie.
  • Sit with the family while they watch TV and upload and tag photos so you can easily find what you need the next time you sit down to scrap.
  • Scrap during your child’s nap time.
  • Scrap after the kids are in bed if you are a night owl, or get up early if you are an early bird.
  • Search for inspiration on Pinterest and find a topic/design/idea that gets your juices flowing and makes you want to create right now!
  • Watch scrapbooking videos to get you in the mood to scrap!


Inspiring Minds Want to Know: How to Find Time to Scrapbook #scrapbooking

As for Camille’s second question…YES, sometimes I feel like I will never catch up with my scrapbooking projects. Because being “caught up” means that I’m no longer living a life worth documenting. Every day there is another story that I could tell. I think the real question is do I worry about it…nope, I don’t.

Will it really matter if I haven’t finished every project or told every story? Not one bit. My family enjoys what I have done. And I enjoy the hobby. I do it for me, not to be a historian of our life. So I only worry about scrapping what inspires me, and I let the rest go. I’m too busy living an inspired life to waste time worrying about what I might not get scrapbooked!

So what about you? Leave a comment and let us know your best tips for how to find time to scrapbook!

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Photography 101 Giveaway

Enter to win a seat in Photography 101 with Elisha Snow #scrapbooking #giveaway

I have been dying to take a photography class from Elisha Snow for a long time. So I’m super excited to be taking Photography 101! And with this fun giveaway one of you can join me!

Enter to win a seat in Photography 101 with Elisha Snow #scrapbooking #giveaway

About the Class

You would never say to a master painter, “What a beautiful work of art—you must have a really nice brush.” It’s the same with photography. A nice camera makes it easier to take good photos, but it’s the photographer (that’s you!), not the tool, that will ultimately produce frame-worthy photos. All you need is a basic knowledge of the elements that work together to create memorable pictures. (Hint: it’s all about light and composition!)

Whether you want to take better everyday photos with that smartphone, or you have a nice new DSLR camera that you’re dabbling with, this interactive online workshop will put you on the path to better photos. In six weeks, you’ll learn to master the rules of composition, make the most of available light, and get more out of your equipment—no matter what kind of camera you’re using.

Would you like to feel more confident in your photo-taking abilities? To find beauty in everyday objects, and see attributes of people you’ve never noticed before? Photography 101 with Elisha Snow will teach you to look at light, shadow, shape, and color differently, and most importantly, to develop a passion for preserving the beauty that surrounds you.

Learn more and register here.

So, who wants to win a spot?!!

Use the widget below to enter.
Giveaway closes midnight Apr. 16, 2014

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Good Luck!!

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Heart to Heart {Inspiration to Creation}

Monday was the most recent installment of Inspiration to Creation Live. If you’ve never attended an Inspiration to Creation LIVE, I show you my scrapbooking inspiration and then take you through the process of creating a layout from start to finish. So many fun scrapbook layout ideas come out of these sessions!

We had lots of fun! Chatted, laughed, and of course…scrapbooked! If you missed the live version, you can watch the replay below. But first let me show you the scrapbook layout I created!

Create a scrapbook layout using a Target display as inspiration! #2 photos

Inspiration Files2 copy

Create a scrapbook layout using a Target display as inspiration! #2 photos

  • Design Inspiration: I loved these spring circles hanging from the ceiling at Target. I immediately imagined creating my own with punches. I knew I could find a way to incorporate those circles onto a scrapbook layout!
  • Color Inspiration: I wanted to use bright, happy colors for my circles. Mainly because I just love scrapping with bright, happy colors. :)

Create a scrapbook layout using a Target display as inspiration! #2 photos

So here’s the story…one day recently I was away from home overnight taking care of my Mom after her knee surgery. I texted my husband, who was at soccer practice with the boys, and my oldest son answered me. We proceeded to text back and forth for about 30 minutes. Not long before this I had added the emoticon keyboard to mine, and my husband’s phones. So my son and I were having fun sending each other photo messages. When he sent me an “I love you” in the form of I love a dancing lady I had to capture the moment. I took a screen shot and that became the basis for this story.

As for the other two photos, I use a system of tagging photos in iPhoto. One of the tags I use is ‘technology’. So I searched through those technology photos to find one of me and one of my son on phones. They weren’t taken the day of the texting story, but they still represent the story I am telling so they work for me! The other thing I did was flip my son’s photo so that it looks like he is facing into the page rather than looking out as he was in the original photo.

Create a scrapbook layout using a Target display as inspiration! #2 photos

For the images in my circles I didn’t have punches that would work. So I turned to my Cricut. As you can see in the video replay I had a bit of issues with cutting them, but in the end they worked out perfect. I decided to make the images go along with the story. So in addition to a boy and a girl I added the sentiment “I love ewe” :) By using pop dots and a bit of inking around the edge the images stood out from their backgrounds. I love the way the inspiration piece was able to be replicated for this layout!

Create a scrapbook layout using a Target display as inspiration! #2 photos

I debated about using this doodle paper all the way through creating the layout. In the end I decided to use a bit of ink to paint in a few of the doodles and use the paper as a supporting line across the bottom of the layout.

If you want the full Inspiration to Creation LIVE experience, watch the replay below. We will be doing this on the first Monday of every month. Our next session will be May 5th. Hope you can join us in May!

The best way to get reminders for Inspiration to Creation LIVE is to sign up for the email list!

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